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Sleep Doc, author, keynote lecturer, entrepreneur

I, Henri Tuomilehto, am one of the few full-time sleep physicians in the world. I have examined and treated over 15.000 patients with sleep disorders over the years. Besides clinical work, I’ve been involved in sleep research for over the past 20 years.

I led the first randomized study to show that healthy lifestyle can improve sleep and even cure an existing sleep disorder. I was a pioneer in utilizing this combination of healthy nutrition, regular exercise, and restorative sleep in my clinical practice. The innovative approach to the treatment of sleep disorders has had a significant impact on the changes in global treatment guidelines. I’ve been recognized as a Specialist in Sleep Medicine by the Finnish Medical Association and a Somnologist-Expert in Sleep Medicine by the European Sleep Research Society.

I could be described as a passionate and open-minded person, and I strongly believe in my own vision. Over 10 years ago, I resigned from a university and hospital career to start as an entrepreneur and establish my first sleep clinic. This journey has led me to build a largest sleep clinic network in Scandinavia, treating over 3000 patients annually.

I have an extensive and long-term experience in sleep coaching and training among both private consumers, and healthcare and well-being professionals. As a result of this consistent work, I’ve been elected among the Top 100 most influential persons in medicine in Finland.

I work with everyone from Finnair pilots to elite professional athletes and help them use sleep to optimize all aspects of their lives. I’ve studied and coached more than 1000 of the world’s top professional athletes, including the NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets. With the team, I have helped players improve their sleep aiming at better recovery and thus, enhanced performance.

I’m honored to be an internationally distinguished keynote lecturer in the sleep and recovery field. In my lectures I reflect the current situation where, despite the increased digitalization and overall burden, we have forgotten the counterforce – restorative sleep. My practical lectures address challenges and changes in working life, especially the impact of demanding occupations, specialist or executive tasks, shift-work and remote work on sleep, recovery, and thus everyday coping.

During my lectures no-one sleeps. These energetic, outspoken and down-to-earth lectures highlight the impact of everyday choices and offer tools for organizations and individuals to succeed in what they consider important for themselves. Besides lectures, I offer half or full day seminars. Webinars are also available.

Recently I published a bestselling book called “Sleep to Succeed”. It was nominated the Best Wellbeing Book at FitAwards 2020. Academically, I am an adjunct professor and during my career I’ve published around a hundred scientific publications and supervised a dozen of theses.

Sleep is a skill that can be improved & strengthened. Sleep affects our health and well-being more than we want to believe. Restorative sleep is the single most important source for recovery and vitality.

Without restorative sleep there is no resilience or learning. Sleep is the facilitator for optimal brain function and the conductor of our metabolism. Sleep determines who you are, how you behave and what happens inside you.

Based on my scientific studies, I have a strong belief that everyone can improve sleep by themselves. Currently I’m working together with numerous Finnish top corporations to promote better management, which aims to improve work ability and vitality through proactive prevention and risk evaluation.